Short Answer. 1. What are RDAs ? Why do you need to know about…

Question Answered step-by-step Short Answer. 1. What are RDAs ? Why do you need to know about… Short Answer. 1. What are RDAs ? Why do you need to know about them?2. What is the purpose of the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans?3. Under what circumstances might a physician be likely to prescribe a diet to help a patient gain weight?4. Describe five guidelines that you can follow when discussing diets with a patient.5. Describe MyPlate and label the parts on the following figure.6.What are the four basic recommendations from the American Cancer Society to prevent cancer?7. What is BMI and how is it used?8. List the recommended foods for each of the following patients.a. 1 1/2-year-old child_______________________b. 10-month-old infant______________________c. 3 -month-old infant_________________________ Critical Thinking.1. Cities that host marathons often provide a spaghetti dinner for participants who want to “carbo-load” the night before the race. Why would marathon runners want to eat a lot of carbohydrates?2. What is the difference between trans fats and saturated fats?3. Why is behavior modification generally more successful than fad dieting when it comes to long-term weight loss?4.Why is it important to consider a patient’s culture and religion when planning the patient’s diet?  Case Studies. Case 1: You hear Joe, another  medical assistant in your office, talking to a patient about the diet the doctor has prescribed. Joe says, “Well, if you really like red meat, go ahead and eat it. Just try to cut back your fat intake from other foods. “What, if anything, has Joe done wrong? Case 2: ” Why is the doctor telling me to cut back on beer?” complains Mr. Kowalski, who is being treated for hypertension. “I’ve heard that beer can be good for you!” How should you respond? Case 3: The physician has just prescribed a low-cholesterol diet for Mrs. Ryan.  “But how am I supposed to know how much cholesterol my food has?” she asks you. How could you help Mrs. Ryan?  Health Science Science Nursing MAST 1060 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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Short Answer. 1. What are RDAs ? Why do you need to know about…
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