Paragraph 2: Assessing Learning Needs of your patient. What health…

Question Answered step-by-step Paragraph 2: Assessing Learning Needs of your patient. What health… Paragraph 2:Assessing Learning Needs of your patient. What health teaching will you provide your patient? 10marksSecond, start by assessing the patient’s learning needs. What is the client’s physical, mental state of health, & sociocultural characteristic like?  As these can present barrier to learning during your teaching session. Consider the questions to help guide your assessment. What does your patient already know about the topic/subject?What does your patient need to know/learn?What is your patient perception of the problem?What’s the patient’s educational level?How well does the patient read?Does the patient have the ability to read and comprehend instructions for medications, diet, procedures, and other regimens?What’s the patient’s learning style? For example, does the patient prefer reading printed materials, viewing audiovisual materials, or watching demonstrations?how do they learn best) ASK the client?What is the patient’s English language skills? Is the patient’s first language something other than English?Would the patient like to know everything possible about the health concern or just the basics?Does the patient see and hear well?Does the patient wear glass to read or use a hearing aid?Would the patient like a significant other to be involved in the patient-education process?Is there a family member/caregiver (include them in the assessment) because the family/caregiver are extension of the patient and can help to reinforce the teaching at home. The family/caregiver may assist in clarifying information Questions you might ask you patient and consider including in your video:What are you most concerned about?What are your goals for learning how to take care of yourself?What do you feel you need to know to achieve your goals?What specific problems are you having?What do you know about your condition?What are you most interested in learning about?How will you manage your care at home?Paragraph 3Identifying growth and developmental stages of your client Piaget or Erikson. 5 marksThird, identify the age-appropriate patient education To provide effective patient teaching, you must consider the patient’s age and developmental level.Knowing your patient’s developmental level will help you select the most effective teaching strategies.The three developmental areas you will be assessing are the patient’s physical maturation and abilities, psychosocial development, and cognitive capacity. (e.g., Piaget’s work on cognitive development is a useful guide in knowing what teaching approach to take for teaching infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers, school aged children, and adolescents.)Paragraph 4 Preparing your learning environmentPhysical environment and communication skills 5marks4th, make a positive learning environment for your client. How will you prepare the environment to be conducive to teaching and your patient learning?What nursing actions and communications skills do you use to support you patient learning and support patient teaching. Health Science Science Nursing PHN PNH 201 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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Paragraph 2: Assessing Learning Needs of your patient. What health…
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