Persuasive speech script Write a script for a three-minute…

Question Persuasive speech script Write a script for a three-minute… Persuasive speech script Write a script for a three-minute persuasive speech that includes: 1) greeting the policymaker(s) to whom you are pitching your speech; 2) your credentials that establish your credibility to advocate for the policy change you want to happen; 3) the health care policy problem/issue you are addressing; 4) a personal story that highlights the human impact of a  shortfall in a current policy, or the lack of a policy, and illustrates the need for policy change 5) your policy recommendation – your “Ask”. Proposed policy: H.R.598 – Quality Care for Nursing Home Residents and Workers During COVID-19 and Beyond Act Suggested info: H.R. 948 was introduced into the House of Representative on 01/28/2021 by Rep. Schakowsky, Janice and is now being reviewed by the house Ways and Means- Energy and Commerce committees. The bill was referred to the Subcommittee on Health on 02/02/2021.  The bill currently has 23 co-sponsors who are all Democrats.  450 words The Subcommittee on Health was correctly identified; it would be helpful, however, to address the chairperson, ranking member, and other members of this Subcommittee, as they determine the fate of this bill. As mentioned, you could also address other congressmen/women, including those who represent you. (Zipe code 20872)   Health Science Science Nursing NURS 810 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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Persuasive speech script Write a script for a three-minute…
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