Q1) Merit is defined as:

Question Q1) Merit is defined as: a.The research must be conducted fairly and honestly   b.The requirement for a research study to have potential benefits that can be achieved by conducting the study  c.The equal distribution of risks and benefits across all participants in a research study  d.A respect for a persons’ right to self determination  Q2) Dr Jones is conducting a study to test a new medical treatment for Asthma. During the study, she realises that many of the participants in the experimental arm are experiencing significant side effects. If Dr Jones continues with the study, this is a violation of:  a.Experimental burden  b.Duty of care  c.Beneficence/Non maleficence  d.Opt out consent    Health Science Science Nursing NSG 2NMR Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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Q1) Merit is defined as:
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